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Energy storage economics being ‘transformed’ with 52% drop in costs up to 2030 - BNEF

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The global energy storage market will grow to a cumulative 942GW/2,857GWh capacity by 2040, attracting US$620 billion in investment, caused by sharply decreasing battery costs, according to a Bloomberg NEF (BNEF) report

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14. 12. 2018 13. 12. 2018


Uranium resources adequate but investment needed

The world's supply of uranium is more than adequate to meet projected requirements for the foreseeable future, but investment and technical expertise will be needed to make…
  • 13. 12. 2018
  • 19:30

Saudi Arabia’s ‘Black Swan’ Policymaking

Riyadh’s allies need to adjust more to the kingdom’s dynamic decisionmaking, once noted for being slow and cautious. In the almost four years since King Salman ascended to…
  • 13. 12. 2018
  • 17:37

Framatome completes Forsmark I&C upgrade

France's Framatome has completed a project to upgrade the safety instrumentation and control (I&C) system of unit 3 at the Forsmark nuclear power plant in Sweden.
  • 13. 12. 2018
  • 17:37

TVEL starts batch production of MOX fuel assemblies

Russian nuclear fuel manufacturer TVEL has launched the batch production of mixed uranium-plutonium oxide fuel assemblies for the BN-800 fast neutron reactor.
  • 13. 12. 2018
  • 17:37

German wind output to increase in 2018

Renewables are expected to cover 38% of gross electricity consumption in Germany in 2018, according to preliminary figures, up two percentage points from last year, with…
  • 13. 12. 2018
  • 15:29

Australia’s carbon emissions highest on record, data shows

If emissions continue at current rate, Australia will miss Paris target by 1.1bn tonnes, Ndevr Environmental predicts.  
  • 13. 12. 2018
  • 04:09

Scott Morrison and the Business Council are pushing coal - but on what evidence? | Richard Denniss

Despite plummeting costs of renewables the government and the BCA insist that emissions reduction would be ‘economy wrecking’.
  • 13. 12. 2018
  • 02:40

Australia turns back on allies as it refuses to cut emissions above Paris pledge

EU and 27 countries vow to toughen commitments as environment minister’s address at COP24 UN climate change summit accused of flying in face of reality.
  • 12. 12. 2018
  • 23:46

Battery energy storage’s role in a sustainable energy future

Stabilising the electricity grid, facilitating renewable integration: a technical and market impact study on Hornsdale Power Reserve’s first 365 days of operation.
  • 12. 12. 2018
  • 22:00

The Guardian view on global warming: time is running out

Rightwing nationalism threatens the global solidarity needed to avoid a climate catastrophe. Gobal warming is a crisis for civilisation and a crisis for life on Earth.…
  • 12. 12. 2018
  • 21:33

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